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CAMP was formed in February of 2014 and officially launched in August of 2014 with a specific focus to providing opportunity and collaboration for all Canadian marketers. Our focus is on keeping the marketer relevant – to meet the ever changing business landscape while providing a trusted community to our members.
While we began with a few passionate marketers wanting to create an environment that mattered, we have grown to include a network of marketers at all levels – marketing executives in large companies, marketing directors and managers in SMEs, marketing entrepreneurs and consultants, specialists like SEO experts, graphic designers, and copywriters, agencies of all
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals sizes, and students embarking on a new career in marketing.

[gpp_button icon_left=”share” blue color=”blue” ]Tools used[/gpp_button] [gpp_button icon_left=”link” url=”” blue color=”green” ]See in action[/gpp_button] PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript