As a practicing lawyer of over twenty years, my firm is here to serve clients with all of their family law needs. My practice is limited to family law and I have represented clients at all levels of Court throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
We pride ourselves in explaining the law to our clients, since a fuller understanding of the law and process allows each client the opportunity to fully assess how they wish to proceed. Many family law issues actually never make it to Court, and in these cases, we will act more as a mediator to negotiate terms on behalf of our clients. Our aim is to work together with our client towards a resolution or to settle on terms that satisfy both parties involved. If the case goes to court, we focus on how best to tell our client’s story to the Court. It is important to assess and identify the most important and relevant facts, and relay that information to the Court in a precise and efficient manner.

Tools used

PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, WordPress CMS


Project role

Creating website from scratch.